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Oh this is too much fun.

I got this idea from another blog (apologies I have forgotten the url). So
it goes like this, you go to google and search for “your name is” and see what google brings back. I find this hilarious and highly interesting.

Some of this results are (obviously) completely false and others not far from
the truth.

I’ll buy a pint to anyone who can state which are bang on. 😉

  • Chris is most famous for his hard hitting fantasy works
  • Chris is continuing to work on his own projects and private commissions
  • Chris is now
  • Chris is also the singer/songwriter for Continuous Peasant
  • Chris Is Rockin’
  • Chris is a very spontaneous person and looks for honesty and loyalty
  • Chris is also a deeply moral person and believes in giving as much back
  • Chris is a music scoring mixer
  • CHRIS is now one Manual rather than four
  • Chris is President of Military Advantage, the nation’s largest military
  • Chris is a frequent speaker
  • chris is sexy and his a major hotty
  • chris is?warm and wise and very effective
  • Chris is a floor wax
  • Chris is a punk who forces one to go through elaborate measures to glean
    bits of knowledge
  • Chris is a top-notch geek, but they’re a dime a dozen
  • Chris is always on the cutting edge of where technology is going
  • Chris is Ray’s illegitimate son from a woman he met on a roadtrip during
    his Bruins days
  • Chris is Available on Thursday
  • Chris is a highly skilled trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Chris is not evil
  • Chris is Wyatt in the future, remember that episode where Piper and Leo
  • chris is gay!!
  • Chris is on the Advisory Board of this organization
  • Chris is one of the founding board members
  • Chris is proud too of the gradual move from the closed to open classroom
  • Chris is primarily responsible for assisting
  • Chris is interested in almost everything, especially if it’s related to
  • Chris is very upset about it and shares his anger with the other soldiers
  • Chris is teamed with Francis
  • Chris is drunk too
  • Chris is very thrilled and happy with his work
  • Chris is overjoyed and extremely excited to have been chosen
  • Chris Is Vanuatu’s Lone Survivor
  • Chris Is Here!
  • Chris is the most sensitive radar on the Internet
  • Chris is keeping envious company
  • Chris is ready to pop the balloon
  • Chris is the middle child and my blister
  • Chris is legally blind but on good days he can tell you what year and model
  • Chris is dusting off the cave again
  • Chris is Ashlee’s friend
  • Chris is a memory resident infector of .COM programs
  • Chris is regularly quoted on Canadian business and new media issues
  • Chris is Co-Chair of the International White
  • Chris is a talented actor who has …
  • Chris is a dinner worth saving up for
  • Chris is halfway to DevCon
  • Chris is also a Trustee of The Lion’s Part
  • Chris is a keen sailor and scuba diver
  • Chris is with him in Bangkok
  • Chris is already married