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web design cornwallWhether you are seeking to establish your first Internet presence or looking at redesigning your existing company website, it is imperative when choosing web designers that can not only satisfy the design ideas of your company, but I would suggest more importantly, its target audience.

This task usually requires a fair amount of research and knowing what to look for in a professional web design agency is very important. In web design, there seems to be two main elements that clients and web designers should focus on.

I say main because there are hundreds of elements in reality, but we can focus on two main ones here.

The Design

Aesthetics definitely play a big role in deciding the design for a website. Pages must be vibrant and eye-catching, able to hold its visitors’ interest. The choice of colours should also reflect the kind of image the client wants to be perceived for, completely tied in with the branding. Some web designs end up cluttered because of throwing numerous elements into one page haphazardly. An efficient web designer knows when and where to place images and text without giving its audience an information overload. Visitors are also very particular when it comes to the a website’s ease of use. If navigating through a website becomes a challenge to your potential customers, chances are, they will not frequent the website any more. This should be what a skilled web designer must keep in mind. The website must make the visitors ask for more information rather than deciding never to visit the website any more.


An excellent website must be able to effectively combine the power of imagery and written content. While most visitors do not have the time to read an entire article about the company, this should not sideline the importance of the written word. In the same way, a website that has nothing but images may fail in conveying the exact message the company wants to communicate. Mixed media, when used properly, could yield great results for companies. Video broadcasting is especially helpful to companies in e-commerce as this is a venue for them to demonstrate their products and services. Moreover, with SEO continuing to be a major strategy, website content must be carefully formulated and regularly updated.

Different companies have different preferences. While some value written content, others would rather go for images to send their message to their target audience. As such, a skilful web designer must be able to cater to these requirements while also being able to give a touch of his own style. Choosing web design professionals can be quite a challenge but it starts in knowing what your message is and how want it conveyed and letting the experts get to work in consulting you.

Any agency worth their salt will educate you with the best possible strategy. If your objective is to be found in search your website would be VERY heavily weighted with text and regular updated content. If on the other hand your objective was to use your site as a landing page from offline sources to show off a concept, it would likely be graphically led.