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12 months ago we lost a good friend to cancer, a brain tumour to be exact. Simon, in his early 30s, left behind a wife, parents, band of brothers and saddest of all, a 2 year old daughter, it’s utterly tragic. Simon’s daughter Scarlett is Lola’s, my eldest’s, best friend

Simon experienced first-hand what it was to “need” care, he spent his last weeks in a hospice and really understood where resources were needed. So he pledged that any future donations by friends should go towards his chosen charity of The Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign in order to aid research into the specific form of cancer he suffered from, which continues to destroy families.

You may know I have made this charity the official charity of the Social Media Mafia for this year, and 10% of all SMM money raised will be sent to the charity, as can be seen here:

In addition, and this is where you come in, I and some of his mates, are running a half-marathon in his memory, and to raise some cash in the process.

I am actually a runner already, amusingly I operate a very infrequent Running Man Radio show, where I blurt into a mobile recorder on my runs, coughs, grunts, pants, rants the lot:

You will see a widget on the right hand side, and I am asking for you to consider making a donation, no matter how large or small for a very good cause. You can click on the widget and donate, also leave a message stating you are from the Social Media Mafia if you do please.

Please do help.

Thanks in advance and do listen to some of the runs, YES, I know, it’s slightly wacky, slightly “out-there”, but you know what, it’s damn fine therapy too!