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I’m not sure about you but when people come up with decent logos it inspires me a fair amount. I’m not exactly sure why that is, maybe It’s because I know how hard it can be to come up with the goods. I’m fairly handy with some graphics packages myself, my preference being Macromedia Fireworks, and I’ve typically put together lots of artwork in the passed for tons of sites.

But when someone can put pencil to paper and actually draw people and scenes it’s a different ball game, the levels are raised and the game is all together entirely different. Not only that, capturing the essence of a brand, the style of it, takes some talent too and that is what impresses me most about the logos below, I think, for MediaCampBucks.

These were done by Eaon Pritchard (go say hello to him), way to go dude.

This is the main logo we will use on the wiki for the event.

This one is a banner which can be used as part of the promotion, the idea is you put it on your own blog and link to the event wiki.

And finally this one (which blew me away, how can I be attracted to a cartoon? She does things to me!) is for our major sponsor to have their logo on the back. We are aiming for about 150 people at the event, with each participant being given a t-shirt!

You can grab the logos yourself on our Social Media Mafia group in Flickr

If you are interested in some sponsoring for the event, wind your way over to the sponsor page.

Would love to hear what you think of these.