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A friend of mine always says it often takes a significant event for us to engage in donating to charity, and that is certainly what has happened to me recently.

A friend of ours in his early 30s tragically died 12 months ago, leaving behind his wife Steph and 18 month old girl Scarlett, Lola’s best friend.

Simon experienced first-hand what it was to “need” care, he spent his last weeks in a hospice and really understood where resources were needed. So he pledged that any future donations by friends should go towards his chosen charity of The Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign, in order to further research into the specific form of cancer he suffered from, which continues to destroy families.

So now I and some of his mates, are running a half-marathon in his memory, and to raise some funds for his chosen charity (yep 13 bloody miles!!). I am asking for you to consider making a donation, if this resonates with you, no matter how large or small, for this very good cause.

If you’d like to help, visit the link below, and do what you can, you will make a difference to someone, somewhere, imagine losing a member of your own.

Hope you are well.

Take care