This is what I would call ‘simple genius’ – you what Chris, gushing at something? umm yes I am!

Every now and then a book is written which changes the game.

The author of the book in question charts the precise journey he took to go from working 80-100 work weeks (for 15 years) down to just 2 hours.

That may be interesting and inspiring but how does it affect YOU?

The breakthrough with this particular book is that it details a step-by-step, universally applicable blueprint which any business owner, running any type of business, can implement. I mean I’ve read the e-myth which is also excellent, but this one is altogether on the money!

It sounds like a bold claim and you’d be forgiven for being skeptical!

However, this guy has amassed literally hundreds of profoundly enticing and eminently credible case studies and testimonials spanning all manner of businesses from real estate management companies to retailers and from marketing agencies to landscape designers.

In other words, finally, someone appears to have come up with a blueprint which ANY business owner can implement to radically change the way they work (and live).

His solution is elegant and simple, requires a little ‘heavy-lifting’ for a short period of time and is being hailed by business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world as the ‘holy grail formula for working less and earning more’.

For a short period of time you can download the entire brand new PDF book and the audiobook by clicking here, I’ve the hard back and I have to say it’s bloody brilliant, and I mean brilliant, really taps into my inner engineering mindset.

If you do anything this year, read this. It’s a game-changer, I mean that honestly too.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below, I’m putting it into practice myself so would love some friends along for the ride too!

Guilty link time, here is my book. How Will You Build and Sell Your Business?