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It’s OK I Got You…

It’s not like it is a big secret…..

Here is what I posted on Facebook today:

One thing I realise (realize) more than most things as I continue on my life journey is….


Being yourself is fundamentally essential.

I don’t think my life has been harder than the average person but I have had really interesting and stressful situations, that I am grateful for now…. totally painful but grateful because it makes us….

…. I can think of two or three really big ones..

1. having to firefight a ship that is ON FIRE while I was in the military. I mean, really…. part of the fire crew crawling through hideously tight spaces, in the dark, in respirator equipment in the dark, on my own, in smoke and water filled containers… if the fire didn’t get put out – we sink… at sea… 300 people. – we put it out!!

2. Being 13 and piloting a boat back 5 miles to harbour in a force 6 gale when father was high on vodka (no fault of his own), he had 13 ships with hospitality to take care of…but it caught up on him…. (and actually all 13 year olds are fucking resilient) … but still..

3. Dealing with my #2 daughter being blood poisoned when she was under a year old… and chasing a blue light ambulance with tears streaming down my face.. My wife was actually incredible in this situation and pretty much saved her life by spotting the issue….. scary as fuck though….

I could go on as I’m sure we all could…. but we don’t….

We often ignore all the greatness we have accomplished… I think those three things are enough, to celebrate….. I’m sure you have your own 3… and more.. I have dozens more stories about stress that I may share….

One of the reasons I share this is…..

I see moaning about stupid shit….

Remember, stupid shit is stupid shit….

SO … when you deal with every day drama, put it into context….


Take time to pat yourself on the back…

So that was today…

OH and another thing…… I’m still letting people get access to my Social Media Mafia Academy at $1 / month… I mean, that’s crazy.. just the sales course alone is about 2K worth of material AND I have eye liner on in the videos!

Anyway, sign in here if you want that (you so need it to sell alone)….

Chat soon.