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Today I’ve launched Audana Marketing a new site, and more importantly a brand, an identity, for the various marketing/branding and online community development I continually get involved with.

Having my fingers in multiple pies means that projects can often be undocumented or rather not “shown-off” in a way that many people, certainly potential clients are not used to, sure I blog some bits and pieces here, but so many people often want a brand to associate their project with, I also feel that this is very important.

So Audana Marketing was born, the name “Audana” is a mash-up between two avatar names from the 3D world of SecondLife, where a great deal of development work has taken place which I have led or been a part of.

Audana Marketing draws, and will draw, on talent from an incredibly diverse pool and often from completely unconnected people depending on each new project requirement.

The current WordPress theme on Audana was ported beautifully by a new young talented coder programmer who goes by the name of MagicBug on Twitter.

Comments are encouraged on this, and maybe you will be in on our next project in some way, we all draw on each other and motivate and inspire, share your thoughts and experience it helps.