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These days, virtually every webmaster out there has access to complex analytics. Even if you don’t use an advanced, third-party analytics solution, several search engines can provide great analytics tools you can access for free.

In fact, many analytics suites have recently grown more powerful, with a host of new features being added. With the new powers at your fingertips, you have a more granular view of your online traffic and how your users behave than ever before.

No matter what analytics solution you use, though, one thing is for sure: Understanding the information these tools provide is absolutely critical to your profit.

With more data out there than ever — do you use it?

What Can Analytics Data Tell You About Performance?

Information about traffic is now being divided seamlessly into different categories so that you can understand precisely which efforts are paying off and which ones are not.

For example, if it is obvious that you are getting lots of social traffic from a particular network, it makes sense to invest additional time in cultivating that network.

If you learn that you are getting a number of referrals from a certain website, it might be a good idea to partner with that site in some way — or at least learn what behaviours led to the sudden spike in traffic so that you understand the demographic your site appeals to.

If you are getting a number of “direct” hits, this usually means that your brand is beginning to become more visible and people are typing in your Web address with sure expectations of what they will find. A UK Internet marketing company can help you dig deeper into this kind of event.

In each of the cases above, you’ll notice that the analytics data you receive can influence your campaign and tell you precisely what kind of effort is paying off. This can make an immediate impact on how you focus your campaign and achieve higher ROI.

Analytics Can Help You Narrow Down Your Geographic Focus

When it comes to UK website development, it’s a good idea to focus on specific geographical areas, too. If your shop is in Leeds, you will get more conversions and face less competition when your website appeals to those in the Leeds area.

If you are not using analytics data to pinpoint your campaign efforts, you might be giving up on thousands of pounds in revenue. By correcting the matter promptly, you can ensure the health of your business.

What is not good is having access to reports and data, being told what to do by your digital marketing company, and then sitting on your hands or purses and doing nothing. That is very bad practice.

Of course you might not have the experts in house, in fact we do see a huge educational gap and a lack of understanding concerning digital channels – if that is you, call us, we can come and see you, and educate you.

If you have data, analyse it, act on it – do stuff, create content.