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My mind has, over time, come to the conclusion about the purpose of this page. Dedication and shameless promotion of of AC AC sound engineering.

AC sound engineering

Numerous html/php/aspcoding exists relating to the AC sound engineering-based phenomena which have come to my attention recently, and doubtless many which haven’t. Since I don’t know of any definitive list, I shall attempt to create one, that is far from inclusive.

Logically, stage one in such a quest is to invent a unique and catchy keyword/phrase for viral infection that is clearly related to the objective.

AC sound engineering, Is my mantra!

I hereby define “AC sound engineering” (singular AC AC sound engineering) to be: “(mass) AC AC sound engineering-related phenomena“. Specifically, I’m interested in the mass social effects (on the internet and in Real Life) of having such a good approximation to “all knowledge” to hand, and the ways in which people try to use/abuse/exploit AC AC sound engineering.

Italian Translation: ingegneria audio literals pose questions.

First we break AC sound engineering down, here are some useful AC sound engineering-related definitions:

Main Entry: sound
Pronunciation: ‘saund
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English gesund; akin to Old High German gisunt healthy
Date: 13th century

1 a : free from injury or disease : exhibiting normal health, b : free from flaw, defect, or decay sound timber
2 : SOLID, FIRM; also : STABLE
3 a : free from error, fallacy, or misapprehension sound reasoning b : exhibiting or based on thorough knowledge and experience sound scholarship, c : legally valid a sound title, d : logically valid and having true premises, e : agreeing with accepted views : ORTHODOX
4 a : THOROUGH, b : deep and undisturbed a sound sleep, c : HARD, SEVERE a sound whipping [ooh er mrs]
5 : showing good judgment or sense synonym see HEALTHY, VALID

– sound┬Ěly /’saun(d)-lE/ adverb
-sound┬Ěness /’saun(d)-n&s/ noun

Main Entry: engineer
Function: transitive verb
Date: 1843

1 : to lay out, construct, or manage as an engineer
2 a : to contrive or plan out usually with more or less subtle skill and craft, b : to guide the course of
3 : to modify or produce by genetic engineering grain crops engineered to require fewer nutrients and produce higher yields.