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Content marketing has become one of the more popular ways to promote both ecommerce and brick and mortar shops and businesses. While it can be tempting to use content promotion to create a glut of advertising that will register with search engines, this is not always the most productive way of driving business.

The following are some simple tips to ensure that content marketing is a valuable endeavour, for both the business and the customers:

1. Create Hype

Readers are not looking for old news or outdated information that is only focused on promotion. It pays off to follow industry trends, and offer quality insights that may be related to your industry, even if not to your business specifically. By getting customers excited about other possibilities that your company is a part of, they will value this information, and remember that you supplied it.

2. Highlight Trends

This is related to creating hype, but goes further as to show different ways that your products and services may be utilised to replicate current style, design, and lifestyle benefits that are in the news. By keeping your clients up to date with what is happening in the world, you are also showing them that your business is current and cutting-edge.

3. Add Valube

Ensure that your content provides something that is unique. This can include industry information, facts, or even just answering “how to” questions about products and applications. Your added value will be that your content is a resource, not just for your business, but also for customers who are looking for answers.

4. Provide Intrigue

This can come from interviews with other professionals, or with audio visual snippets such as casts and demonstration videos. Altering your content between text and visual media will keep clients coming back to see what you are offering next.

5. Teach

Educating your customers will be a great benefit, as not only will they come to see your content as a valuable resource tool, they will also get the sense that your postings are unbiased, and for the general benefit. This builds both trust and reputation, and will establish you as a leader in your industry.

6. Be Human

Often, this is accomplished with blog content, and it gives you a way to connect with your customers. This allows for a common ground of shared experiences and both pitfalls and victories that happen along the way. Being human is a wonderful way to establish integration with your customer base.

7. Include Your Clients

Allow your clients to submit content. Highlight your clients in your own content. This builds your business and your online community, and shows that you pay attention to details, and value the customers who support what you do.