There is no denying that the Internet plays a major role in the success or failure of UK businesses today. Everything from quality UK website design to strong social media presence can have a direct impact on your overall business success. But when it comes to UK content marketing, there are a few misconceptions and a few secrets that not everyone knows.

Here are 7 big secrets you can’t afford not to know about UK content marketing. Remember them and your business could benefit in the long run.

1. Once upon a time, content marketing meant nothing more than stuffing a bunch of keywords into a webpage. Today, quality actually matters in the search engine results. There are numerous factors that go into UK search engine optimisation, and it’s far beyond keyword stuffing. Quality matters – a lot.

2. Not only does content matter to SEO results, but originality and content is still considered by UK content marketing experts to be the main thing clients, customers, and readers look for. In other words, by creating good, informative content you’ll build readers and build clients.

3. A recent study found that 82 percent of people prefer visual content. This isn’t a big surprise, and the ‘wall of text’ isn’t the best option out there. Using videos and pictures can help significantly.

4. Surveys can help. Often, businesses are afraid to use a survey because they think it reveals potential weak spots. But in reality, some simple surveys completed by your readers can help you tailor content directly for them.

5. Mix it up for success. Today, content marketing is a multi-platform tool. Your website, your social media profiles, your blogs, and your email newsletters all need to work together. When you have them all functioning the right way, the results can be incredible.

6. Targeted marketing is the key. Old marketing models involved trying to get your message and your brand in front of as many people as possible. But that ended up with a lot of wasted energy and money since a portion of those people would likely never be interested in what you offer. Targeted content focuses on delivering better messages and content directly to the people who are actually likely to be interested in your business. In other words, targeted marketing saves money and gets better results.

7. Consistency works as well. When customers come to expect daily or weekly blog posts or social media updates with new information, it can create a connection that leads to better sales. By creating compelling content on a regular basis, you’ll likely build repeat business and even spread strong word of mouth about yourself.

These simple secrets could have a big impact on your company’s bottom line. Content marketing matters, and doing it the right way will lead to some incredible results.

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