5 Ways To Be A Kickass Social Media Consultant

Are you, like thousands of other forward-thinking folks around the world, been considering a career change to suit your lifestyle? Are you very aware that the world is deeply invested in social media, and that the average usage per day is 136 minutes? [shock horror face!!] If so then perhaps you’ve put two and two together and have realised that the hot career choice right now is as a social media consultant.

So hot right now

Social media consultants are experts in using social media to link up businesses with their target audience. Social media consultants are tech-savvy and business-savvy, with a talent for spotting opportunities to find new customers. If this sounds like something you’d be into, then read on; there are some hot tips for starting your new career. If it sounds like something you’re concerned you don’t have the skills for then read on too; you may be surprised how accessible this career choice is.

To be a kickass social media consultant you need to be a motivated self-starter, which you clearly are because you’re reading this blog. The biggest hurdle to starting a new career isn’t in acquiring the skills or contacts to earn money; it’s in getting yourself motivated to just get on with it and do something. So consider this your gentle nudge to take action, or if you’re so inclined your kick up the ass. Put these five tips into action and you’ll soon be rocking a new job and wondering why you hadn’t done it years ago.

Speak your clients’ language

Kickass social media consultants know what their client wants because they speak the same language. I don’t mean English, or Spanish, or Latin (niche market there…); I mean that they understand the needs and wants of business owners. How do they understand them? Well, I’m glad you asked because surprisingly it’s not by having been a successful business owner themselves. In fact they gain this insight by being active listeners.

The dying art of being a great listener (the humblest and greatest aspect of communication) is well worth mastering as a social media consultant. You will be able to offer your clients a whole suite of awesome services that will push them up the Google rankings and bring customers to their virtual door; but they have to be the services that the client needs and wants.

What I mean is that it’s not good practice for you to push websites and Google ads just because it produces the best margin for you as a consultant. You listen to what the client wants to achieve and then figure out how to help them get there. This is the essence of being a kickass social media consultant. You don’t just give them what you find convenient to produce. You understand their language and interpret it so you know what they need.

Be a local (search) hero

Kickass social media consultants know that all businesses want to hit the top of the Google search rankings. We always click the top result, right? But how about those paid ads up at the top of the screen? There is some strong evidence to suggest that searchers are far more interested in the organic (non-paid) search results. Eye scanning research shows that searchers’ eyes will most often shoot straight down to position 2-4 on the screen – so past those ads! A third of searchers will click on the top organic result, so it’s worth getting your site into that position.

How do you do this? Well, you need to get the business on the map…literally. Google Maps is one of the key tools to use when positioning a business for local search. If your client’s Denver-based accountancy business is listed in Google Maps then Google will automatically prioritise it when the searcher (in Denver) types in ‘accountancy services’. This, in combination with a few other keyword-related techniques will push businesses way up the local search rankings, without having to pay for potentially expensive ads.

Dig data

Hey, just because Google and Facebook are pushing the boundaries of personal privacy by mining and exploiting data it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing to use it. Data about clients and particularly their target audience is an essential tool in converting more clicks into sales. But it starts with what the client wants to achieve – is it more clicks on links? More shares of posts? More time spent viewing articles? Or good ol’ fashioned more sales?

A great piece of information to collect is the percentage of visitors coming from social sites, which can obviously help you to understand what is working and what isn’t. There are loads of analytical tools available to help you gather and understand this data, and it’s totally worth getting into them. You don’t need a degree in statistics to understand the importance of tracking clicks and conversions – you just need to accept and embrace the power of data.

Add value

Kickass social media consultants know that they are worth their fee because they add value that is way beyond traditional payment models. It’s just not good practice any more to ‘charge for a week’s work’, or to base your charges on how much time you’ll spend on the project. Sure, it has to be worth your while and you’ve gotta feed the kids, but there is a much better model you should apply.

Kickass social media consultants base their fees on how much value they will add to the client’s business. If they can boost the number of clicks by 100% with just an hour of work then that is worth far more to the client than the $200 or whatever the hourly rate would be. That could be worth thousands to the client if their strategy to convert clicks to sales is solid (more work for the kickass social media consultant there by the way), so charge based on that, rather than an hourly or daily rate. You’re worth more than that.

Constantly upskill yourself

As a social media consultant you need to be constantly evolving, just like the industry you work in. This means investing in your own development so you stay fresh and current, and keep your eye on industry best practice. The Social Media Mafia is a community of like-minded social media consultants that share ideas and experiences in order to grow the skills and achievements of the industry.

The Social Media Mafia Academy is our online academy that equips our students with all the knowledge and skills they need to be fully kickass social media consultants. The content is engaging and directly targeted at getting you ready for your new career. So go ahead and register to become part of the family. Kick some ass.