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I get a lot of questions about how to make money online and what is a sales funnel….

Sales funnels as a concept are over 100 years old, they happen in the offline world and the online world.

When I had my boat business a sales funnel might be:

  • Customer sees an advert in a guide book
  • Customer then sees a Google ad
  • Customer then sees a trip advisor review
  • Customer then goes to website and books a boat

Offline sales funnels can be complex, and tricky to measure and control.

Online sales funnels can be equally complex yet often far easier to control and customise to the user.

Make Money Online

An online sales funnel to make money online could look like this:

Step 1.

Facebook ads targets an audience with the following demographics and behaviours>>

  • men and women between 25-55
  • dog owners
  • hi earners
  • home owners
  • interest in pet food products
  • have engaged with ads recently

Etc etc.. the point being we can tailor the advert to a person VERY specifically…

Step 2

Next we create the ad message itself, and it would make sense to use imagery an words that resonate with the audience we have specified.

Step 3

The advert links to a landing page that is a “lead magnet”. A lead magnet has the sole purpose of capturing an email address. So you could offer a free PDF document written by a vet that addresses health concerns for dogs. A lead magnet is often called a bribe.

Step 4

The user gets the PDF and realised it is exceptionally valuable to them and they like you and your style and will stick around on your email list. You can also offer “one time upsells” – perhaps a dog collar, or coupon for a dog grooming service etc..

Step 5

Here we spend some time giving lots of value and nurturing / warming up the prospect/customer to purchase more from us. One of the keys is to turn a profit, make your ad costs back, in the “back end” i.e. after the initially purchase, where you may even make a loss.


That’s an example of what a typical sales funnel might look like online. One of the key elements in all of this is that once the funnel is built, complete with all the email notifications over time, it is automated completely.

Sell when you sleep.

The secret and where the money is is to be able to turn turn a profit from the initial advertising spend. If you can make $1 turn into even just $1.1 you will forever be financially free.

Why? – because if you can make a profit from your ads two things happen>

  1. You get a new customer on your email list essentially for free, so you can re-target product
  2. You can scale without limit.

Spend $10,000 on ads and scale scale…

Building sales funnels takes time, patience, study and money initially to test ads and tweak, measure, tweak..

However, the nuts of bolts of putting it all together is very easy these days.

I personally use Click Funnels to make money online, which is a platform that enables me to build out all the landing pages and all the email automation, in fact it is incredibly simple and enjoyable.

You could try out Click Funnels yourself they have a 14 day free trial here.