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Many businesses spend countless amounts of time and financial allocations on marketing, without realising that some of the best promotion can actually be obtained for free. The simple trick to this is good customer service. Clients who are pleased, and even highly impressed by the attention that a company pays to them is worth far more than a company can pay for promotional campaigns. The reasoning behind this comes down to simple psychology, and understanding it will lead to better business practices, as well as stronger industry leads.

1. Word Of Mouth Counts

The simple fact is that customers talk. They may converse with friends, acquaintances, and even strangers about recent experiences they have had in the world of service and commerce. Even a passing positive mention of business satisfaction will have an impact, and glowing reviews will really stick in the minds of others. This translates to your business becoming the first consideration when similar products or services are required.

2. Trust Issues

When friends and relatives pass on information to one another, there is a certain acceptance of trust that is established in these conversations. When one friend relates a good consumer experience to another friend, the bond that is between the two individuals is transferred over to the business by default. Even if a new customer has yet to use your services, there is already a sense of relationship that has been established through the recommendation. This can lead to an easier time of establishing new connections, and a greater influx of clientele.

3. Satisfactory Results Equals Free Advertising

Along with face to face meetings, social media has generated a venue where perfect strangers are willing to relay experiences and endorse businesses as a result of their own interactions. This can be as simple as a blogger recounting their day, and mentioning your business in a good light. This can also extend to satisfied customers making a point of publicly endorsing services either on the company website under feedback, or in other social media circles. These actions will reach clients that are both distant and near, and will funnel them to your industry.

4. The Friend Of A Friend Phenomena

The friend of a friend phenomena is somewhat related to building trust, but it is also deeply tied to modern tendencies to always want to be a part of the newest and the best trends. Even if a potential client has heard good things about your business from a more distant source, there is still the association of familiarity and trust, even over degrees of separation. The sense of inclusion is also a factor here, and the more satisfied customers who mention the business name, the greater the chance that the brand can go “viral”.

5. Repeat Business And New Business

Finally, a satisfied customer is also likely to be a repeat customer. The more positive interactions that clients have with your business practices, the more likely they will be to bring friends on to the premises, or to pass along web page information. This is as applicable to a boutique as it is to a cafe. The enjoyment that is experienced by one person will be passed along, and this can generate interest and hype.