1. buy a hot dog and ram in right into your pocket and jump in a taxi, and get told off if you try to eat it!

2. buy a Swedish massage and record the grunts you make.

3. eat Sweetbread, “it is the name of a dish made of the pancreas (belly/stomach) or thymus gland (neck/throat/gullet/heart sweetbread) of an animal younger than one year old. These animals are usually lambs or calves.”

4. eat raw smoked duck

5. spend an hour determining which is the best meatball restaurant in town, and then get the best table.

6. get lost in a taxi, with a fucktard of a driver who has no idea where he is going. none!

7. choose an airport which needs a connecting flight to the actual friggin city you wanted to go in the first place. RyanAir will do that for you.

8. have two lay-ins in a row due to it being the only time you’ll get them in the near future due to family commitments.

9. get lost walking around the small islands at 3am in summer and watch the sun come up.

10. hang out in the kings square, and old city, and chat with as many freaky locals as possible, you might learn something about another culture.