Content RulesThe statement “Content is King” didn’t gain popularity by chance. Whether it is an article, an image, or a video, the message it carries can make or break the brand that seeks to keep its clientèle  while continuing to capture more of its target market.

This is exactly the reason why more businesses, both big and small, are investing more effort into their marketing strategies, especially in their online presence.

With the production of quality and relevant content, businesses are reaping the rewards of their marketing strategy, which has made other companies follow suit.

Here are ten reasons why:

Brand Growth

With more customers getting hold of the information they need online about their interests, creating content that will strengthen the brand of a company has become a priority for business owners, ensuring that their brand has recall among their target market.

Positive Brand Interaction

With a growing number of visitors to the business website, businesses are able to benefit from more Internet users talking about or sharing information about their brand.

Customer Engagement

More and more industries are creating content that encourages their customer to interact with them whether by soliciting feedback or by getting them to sign up or email alerts.

Increased Website Traffic

When a company website consistently produces content that is highly valuable to its target market, Internet users will continue to frequent their website and regard it as a reliable source of information.

Increased Website Ranking

As search engines continue to find significant content in a brand’s website and with the increase in website traffic, its rank is driven to the top of search results lists.

Link Building

As companies establish their integrity as an information source, other websites will soon use their information, by use of links, to back-up similar information they put out on the world wide web.

Up-to-Date Information for Customers

Through email alerts and regularly updated content, website visitors become more interested and keep wanting more from their brand of choice.

Word-of-Mouth Traffic

The countless social media networks available these days enable website visitors to instantly share relevant information to their peers, friends, and followers, allowing a wider reach of audience and a potential to increase website traffic.

Website Traffic to Sales Conversion

All marketing strategies are geared towards making a sale. However, content marketing is a subtle approach to this end. With the right choice of content, website visits can turn into sales opportunities.

Inexpensive Marketing Strategy

Among the marketing tactics available today, finding content creators is considered to be one of the most inexpensive but one of the best investments that a company can have. All it takes is excellent writing skills and creativity in coming up with content that is sure to entice the target market.

Whether it is a play of words or a creatively done video, website content should give the target audience an Internet experience that makes them want to take action over what they have read or watched. It can either be to buy a product or share the information to others. Either way, content marketing benefits not only the company but its target clientèle as well.

The image in my blog here comes from Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business (New Rules Social Media Series)  co-written by my friend Mr CC Chapman. I certainly recommend giving that a read.